week 8 Research Paper Revision

week 8 Research Paper Revision - helpful to my arguments...

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Research Paper Revision The feedback that I received from the Center of Writing Excellence, my peer reviewer, and my facilitator was how to make my paper flow in a way that made my subject matter come together to make one full thought that touches all my key points without losing the attention of my readers. It has also help me to construct a introduction paragraph along with a conclusion paragraph that told the reader what my paper was going to address and then to wrap it all up and leave my reader with clear image of what I was trying to portray. My thesis statement was put together with the help of the writing tools and then was elaborated on by my instructor. I received some feedback that my paper included some valuable graphs and information that was
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Unformatted text preview: helpful to my arguments. Most of the feedback that I got was positive and there was not a lot that was asked of me to change in my paper. I will however use the things like grammar and punctuation rules and guidelines along with correcting any spelling errors that may have accrued. With all of these things at my disposal I will try to use all the information that I received from the Center of Writing Excellence, my peer review, and my instructors notes that help me in a positive way to construct the strongest paper that I can in order to get my topic across and really reach my reader....
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