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week 9 Capstone CheckPoint

week 9 Capstone CheckPoint - my reader intrigued and...

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Capstone CheckPoint Now that I have finished doing all that is necessary in order to complete this research paper, I have to stop and reflect on all of the things that it took to complete this course. I started out with having to select a topic to research and write about and then moved into finding reliable sources that helped me in my search for a strong foundation off my paper. I then took these articles and detracted the key points out of them to help me construct a thesis sentence for my paper. Once that was done I then had to find graphs and statistics that backed up the points I was trying to hit on in my paper, after that I started to construct my paper one paragraph at a time. As my paper started to come together I had to insert my graphs to attract the attention of my reader. Finally I had to come up with a conclusion sentence that wrap my whole paper together and left
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Unformatted text preview: my reader intrigued and wanting more without leaving them confused or unsatisfied. All of this was done while trying to still accomplish all of my daily work like DQ questions, grammar exercises, and discussions with other students. The best advice that I could give to a student starting this course would be to keep an open mind, learn to take criticism, and to keep on track and to do all your work in advance or at least by the time it is due. Falling behind would have been murder for me in this course. If I was starting this course over I would have been wiser with my time and more thorough with my research, I think that would have made the writing process easier. Focusing on research, APA formats, and references would of benefiting me more, and focusing less on word counts and due dates would of made this course much easier....
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