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Analyzing Credibility - that took place on 9/11 He wants...

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In regards to the two examples they were paid for by the companies who wanted the ads to be created. There is a slant present only because the creator of the ad wants you to become more bias towards their product. As far as what these examples say about us as a society at large, it says that we have fears of over spending on products we need and want the things in our lives that mean the most to be protected. It is hard to say if these examples are credible due to the fact that they are using common fears of people to sell their product. Not all people have these fears or need these products, so credibility does not really seem to be that big of an issue here. I am not skeptical of the sources’ credibility because of the fact that it was Mayor Giuliani who was the mayor of New York when 9/11 took place. He witnessed or experienced the event first hand and has been there from start to finish so I believe that that makes him a pretty credibly source on the matter. Of course I detect bias when Mayor Giuliani speaks of these tragic events
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Unformatted text preview: that took place on 9/11. He wants justice or vengeance to those people or peoples who are responsible for the attack on the city of New York. In this add there is a claim that is being made and that claim is that you pets might be unhealthy due to weight control. The add plays into the desire that you want your dog to be healthy and live a long happy life, and instills the fear that not only may you be over feeding your dog but that you also are choosing the wrong brand of dog food. This has always been a fear present in pet owners but it just reiterates and possibly hypes these fears. The ad tries to invoke feelings by showing you pictures of cute dogs doing adorable things, which pulls at your heart strings and wants you to embrace your own pets and make sure that they are taken care of. I would make a purchase of this product because I know that they are dedicated to the health of dogs and also donate a percentage of each purchase back into the car of less fortunate dogs....
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