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Argument Credibility - covered in the media It even goes as...

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The following is a hyper-link to the news video brought to you by the Today Show broadcasted by MSNBC. Video Player According to this report broadcasted this morning on the Today show and reposted in MSNBC, it reports that FDA has investigated the egg farm producers at the center of the massive egg recall and claims that the conditions of these places are highly unsanitary, fail to meet safety standards, and have taken little if no action to address the current issue. Due to my previous knowledge of the egg recall which I gathered from the local news, other internet sources, word-of-mouth, and even printed advisory notices at local grocery markets, I feel that this Today Show report corresponds with everything else that has been
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Unformatted text preview: covered in the media. It even goes as far to imply what possibly might be the source of this salmonella scare. As for the credibility of the author, The Today Show has been well established news source for decades on TV and now on internet. Though I feel bias is present regardless of news source, I do not feel it is any more than any other daily news report. However, I do think that the author had a strategy when it came to when and where they published this story. They knew that they could create more hype and keep viewers interest high by reporting this is the morning right as people were eating breakfast....
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