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Argument Credibility Peer Review

Argument Credibility Peer Review - Perform a peer review of...

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Perform a peer review of a classmate’s CheckPoint 1 response according to the instructions in your syllabus for this CheckPoint 2 assignment. Your classmate's CheckPoint 1 response is below. This assignment is to be submitted in your assignments section. Website: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/census/2010-08-27- 1Akindergarten27_ST_N.htm Article: Kindergartens see more Hispanic, Asian students Summary: This article was about the number of Hispanic children who enrolled in this year kindergarten and about how the majority of them do not speak English. The article speaks about the issues that they have with getting to know more about the needs that Hispanic kids need and how different this is compared to year ago when this was not such a big issue. 1) Some of the claims that are being made are; “The profile of the 4 million children starting kindergarten reveals the startling changes the USA has undergone the past decade and offers a glimpse of its future.”
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