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2. This is the formula for the ad hominem fallacy because the writer is asking if this person who has a problem with abortion also views fertility drugs as the moral equivalent of abortion. By asking this to the reader she is “sticking it to the man” or so as it is called, because she is bring up another point that she may seem as wrong and asking if you believe in one way how can you not believe in another? 3. This is an example of personal attack ad hominem because the author just cannot get over the fact that she was a divorcee. She is bitter about the fact she was “dumped” and believes that people are more criticized if you get a divorce than if you are a widow. 5. This is an example of false dilemma fallacy because the author is over-excreting his claims. When he states “They would evidently have us give up to them for their own private use every last square inch of Walnut Grove, Then anytime anyone wanted a picnic, he would have to park at the edge of the park and carry everything in—ice
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Unformatted text preview: chests, chairs, maybe even grandma.” He is making a claim that is not real and being melodramatic. The issue at hand is about closing one road in the park. 6. This is an example of a genetic fallacy because the author is attacking the origin of the statement made. When she says “Would they raise the same objections (of unconstitutionality, Etc.) if the scene depicted a modern, secularized Gentile family?” she is saying that the only reason they have a problem is because the plastic figurines were representing a devout Jewish family in ancient Judaea. 8. This is obviously circular reasoning or arguing in a circle because it just re-iterates the question at hand back into the answer. 9. This is an example of begging the question because this is a controversial subject and the church is saying they view condoms as a form of birth control and not as a device to prevent AIDS. So the premise of the question is as controversial as the conclusion....
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