Persuasion via Rhetoric Quiz I

Persuasion via Rhetoric Quiz I - response to, the content...

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Results Reporter Out of 3 questions, you answered 3 correctly with a final grade of 100% 3 correct (100%) 0 incorrect (0%) 0 unanswered (0%) Your Results: The correct answer for each question is indicated by a  CORRECT An argument's logical force can be effectively enhanced by the use of rhetoric. A) True B) False Feedback: Only emotive force can be effectively enhanced by rhetoric. CORRECT An argument's persuasive force can be effectively enhanced by the use of rhetoric. A) True B) False Feedback:  Although the logic of an argument is unaffected by rhetoric, rhetoric  slants  the focus of, and the emotional 
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Unformatted text preview: response to, the content of the argument. The psychological force of what is being asserted is strongly influenced by how things are presented, or slanted. 3 CORRECT It is fair to say that euphemisms can sometimes be helpful and constructive. A) True B) False Feedback: It is sometimes compassionate to use a euphemism when addressing the bereaved. An example: using passed-away , instead of "He sure became road kill in that car crash". As long as one is not intending to deceive, it seems an ethical thing to do to couch one's terms in softer wording--euphemisms....
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Persuasion via Rhetoric Quiz I - response to, the content...

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