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The key issue in this comic strip is rather or not adjusting your pay wage threw a glitch in the payroll system is wrong or not. I believe that Anita does suspend judgment for a few minutes to hear how this scam was possible; she wanted to see how it would be possible and how the other lady came across this information before deciding if she wanted to be a part of the whole thing. I think that some logic came into effect for a brief moment to ask here self “what might happen if I get caught?” After she weighs the pros and cons she then has a moral value judgment about stealing from the company and places a call to report the issue at hand. Anita takes action as a result of her taking a position on the dilemma of rather stealing from the company, even in a small way, is wrong or not. She decides that it is wrong and dishonest and then decides to take a
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Unformatted text preview: stand on the matter and places a call into human resources. The topic I chose to write about was a moral and ethical problem. I was waiting tables at a restaurant and some one left a wallet behind in which I found. Normally I would not hesitate to turn it in, but I happened to be late and short on my rent that month. I had to stop and ask myself what to do in this situation. I realized that even thinking about keeping the money was against my character and my moral upbringing. So due to a moral value judgment I decided to turn in the wallet and solve my rent issue another way. I made the decision to do what was right and honest and as a result was able to pick up an extra shift that week in which a customer left me a hundred dollar tip. This allowed me to pay my rent in full and on time, I guess that this just goes to show you that karma does exist....
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