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Assignment 2 sample answers

Assignment 2 sample answers - Topic(s Culture Issue(s...

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Topic(s) Issue(s) Theories Applied in Analysis Solution Theoretical Justification for Solution Culture 1. Difficulty to break a long- established culture Definition of culture : the organization’s “personality” – something not likely to be changed overnight - Organizational culture can be evaluated by 7 dimensions (innovation and risk taking; stability; aggressiveness; people orientation; outcome orientation; team orientation and attention to detail. Old HP is people orientated eg poor performers were given chance to improve while Fiorina was outcome oriented. The 2 - Shake the old culture by job transfers, rotation and terminations. Create new stories, rituals, symbols and jargons. Promote and support employees who adopt the new culture. - Better communication (see communication part) - Invite experienced employees to join managerial meetings and seek their advice s . - Revamp the culture step by step. - Match people orientation policy with outcome orientation policy. - Weaken the old strong culture first to facilitate the learning and adapting to the new culture. Reinforcement measures to consolidate. (Also: theory from change management – “refreezing in Lewin’s model) - Employees are the most important resources of a company and their cooperation is needed for implementing new policy make sure receiver receives the same message that sender sends both tunein to same frequency . (Also: theory from change management – strategies like participation, negotiation & cooptation etc. ; use of change champions ) - Better communication can minimize misunderstanding of new policies. - Drastic changes would lead to widespread discontent. Gradual changes would be more easily accepted. Re-establish new “personality”.
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dimensions were of big contrast. - These 2 dimensions are not mutually exclusive. Treating employees well provides work incentives. 2. Benefits of the 'HP way' - Employees are more committed to the company with strong and established culture. Organizational performance can be enhanced as employees understand the company values and they can respond to problems quickly.
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