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CHILD CAREer Inc - a current working with children...

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CHILD CAREer Inc. Our career is to care for your children 112 Paseo de Roxas, City of Makati, 1229 Philippines CHILD CAREer Inc.   is  a well-established childcare centre  which has been operating for 10  years with an excellent record. The company is looking to increase turnover by 50% within the  next 12 months. It is still developing further opportunities in the Europe/America. It is based in  Makati. We need a/an Childcare Worker This is a permanent full-time position and you will be taking care of children aged 6 mths –6  years. A key part of the role is planning, implementing and evaluating high quality, flexible and  innovative educational programs for children aged 6 mths –6 years. To succeed in this position you will need: 20 – 35 yrs old Male or Female At least college graduate at least one year experience working in childcare a first aid certificate
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Unformatted text preview: a current working with children card ('Blue Card') and police check a genuine interest in working with children the ability to form warm, responsive relationships with children a positive, friendly attitude high-level verbal and written communication skills initiative and capacity to work with minimal supervision. We offer: (1) A full-time, permanent position, (2) an award rate salary (salary will still depend on the credentials) and you will be working in great conditions, (3) 20 days holiday per year and (4) Starting date of 1 June 2011. To apply , please email your resume containing a 2x2 ID picture and cover letter to the managing director at [email protected] by Jan 2011 up to April 2011. You will informed whether or not you are required for an interview by 14 May 2011....
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