CONTRACEPTIVES - CONTRACEPTIVES - cons Let us consider one...

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CONTRACEPTIVES --- cons Let us consider one of the moral judgments of the church. Birth control is a sin. Contraceptives are against the laws of God and church. Now most reasonable people can see no reason why something such as wearing a condom or taking the pill could be classified as a terrible sin, so this moral judgment is regarded as a mystery by most people who consider it nothing more than a dogmatic oddity. The hostility the church feels towards contraceptives cannot be understood if it is assumed that the church was only concerned with the issue of birth control itself. It turns out that the need to salvage age old church doctrine concerning sexual morality is the real source of the almost visceral antagonism the church feels towards contraception. The moral arguments ‘from nature' that the church made throughout history to support their strict codes of sexual conduct are dependant for their justification on the fact that human beings produce children when they have sex, and children produce the moral responsibility the church requires to justify dogmas and legal regulations promulgated about sex by church theologians. When the moral responsibility men and women must take for children produced by sexual activity is no longer present it becomes extremely difficult for the church to condemn a certain orgasm, or demand adherence to certain codes of conduct
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CONTRACEPTIVES - CONTRACEPTIVES - cons Let us consider one...

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