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MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences NAME: Romero, Von Joby M. SCORE: COURSE AND SECTION: ENG10-A15 WORKSHEET IN MOVIE ANALYSIS I. Before Watching the Movie: 1. From the title (Freedom Writers) itself, what did you expect this movie about? I expected this movie to be about a group of talented writers working together to change the wrongdoings in the world. Their writings gravely influenced the world and still recognized today. II. After Watching the Movie: 1. Where did the most of the scenes take place? Most of the scenes took place inside the classroom (Room 203) at the Woodrow Wilson High School. 2. Is the setting appropriate to the story? Yes, the setting is appropriate to the story, because as they are on their way becoming the so called “Freedom Writers”, the development stage should begin in the classroom. 3. Who are the main characters? What adjectives can be used to create the character profile of each of the characters? 4. Give the summary of the plot of the story. The story took place in Long Beach, Los Angeles. This was the time when the rate of gang riots rose up into an unbelievable extent with over a hundred murders. To deliver change, Erin Gruwell, a first-time teacher took the risk to teach in Woodrow Wilson High School as if it were an exciting adventure. Not knowing that her class would be the students with probationary and low academic records. She then experiences the hardship in teaching these students. With all the help she can get from her husband and father, she had the chance of having an intimate talk with her students; this marked the beginning of their revolutionary change. Determined to make a change, she devised her way of approach with her students and even risked to buy them additional resources, particularly the diary of their emotions and books. The students grew to love her as they are learning well not only in their classroom. They became very close up to the
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Freedom Writers Movie Analysis - M APUA INSTITUTE OF...

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