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Haiku Report - EXPLANATION During summer it feels so...

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HAIKU DEFINITION MAJOR HAIKU POETS CLASSIFICATION: Matsuo Bashō (1644-94), the ascetic and seeker, Yosa Buson (1716-83), the artist, and Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827), the humanist. A BUTTERFLY A falling flower, thought I Fluttering back to the branch- Was a butterfly. -Moritake ORPHAN SPARROW With one another Let's play; so come, O sparrow Who has no mother. -Issa A BEE With a buzzing cry A bee shifts on the bloom sought By a butterfly. -Taigi A MORNING GLORY VINE A morning glory vine in its full bloom has thatched this hut of mine. -Issa(translated by H.G Anderson) SPRING RAIN In the rains of spring, An umbrella and raincoat Pass by, conversing. EXPLANATION: During spring rain, the rainfall is just moderate. People are going outside together with their umbrellas. And it seems like the umbrellas were talking to each other when two people pass by each other. SUMMER HEAT
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Stones and trees that meet My eyes glare straight at me In this glazing heat. -Kyorai
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Unformatted text preview: EXPLANATION: During summer, it feels so annoying because of the hot temperature. We feel lots of sweat drenching throughout our body. HARVEST MOON If only we could Add a handle to the moon It would make a good fan!-So Kan EXPLANATION: To control the full moon will be the greatest wish of a farmer. When full moon happens, it denotes that it is already harvesting time. For a farmer, he tends to make harvesting faster for him to earn a lot. The haiku is combined with the joke at the end. OLD AGE When one is gold One is envied by the people-Oh, but its cold.-Issa(translated by H.G Anderson) EXPLANATION: When a person is getting old, he became so jealous to people younger than him. He was also jealous about others who still have good physical appearance. It seems like his LIFE is over. At the end, his jealousy was overcome by the coldness he feel because his body was too old....
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Haiku Report - EXPLANATION During summer it feels so...

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