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Week 5 Assignment FP - well paying job after I am finished...

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Week 5 Assignment FP/101 Some future consequences that you may run into when you borrow too much credit may be: You might start having difficulties keeping up with all the payment you have created for yourself. Because of all the credit you have taken out, you now have to pay a lot of extra-added interest on items you have purchased. And the biggest consequence I feel is the more credit you have the lower your credit score may become, your credit score is based on 1/3 of how much debt you have obtained of the years. I plan on paying my students loans off as soon as possible. Hopefully I get a
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Unformatted text preview: well paying job after I am finished with school, but if not I do have some money put aside already for school expenses and bills if for some reason something is to happen and I can pay my bills for a few months. I know defaulting on a school loan is one of the worst things you can do one your credit, so I plan to stay on top of this bill no matter what that circumstance. It is nice to know after watching the video though that if I was to fall under a hardship that most lenders will take that in to count, and possible help with a deferment if need be....
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