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AMH 2020 Best War Ever Question 2/28/11 The assignment must be 4-5 typed/double-spaced pages at 10 or 12 point font. Be sure to explicitly answer the question and use evidence from the book to bolster your case. ALL EVIDENCE MUST BE CITED! Plagiarism (or anything remotely close to plagiarism) will not be tolerated. The assignment is due on Thursday March 24th in discussion sections. Papers turned in after March 24th will be assessed a penalty of ten points and a subsequent penalty of ten points for every week it is late thereafter. Why did Americans come to view World War II as “the best war ever?” 1media 2advertisents 3movies 1economic revival 2confidence 3support 1confidence 2soldiers were destroyed Is such propaganda a good thing, a necessary evil, or just an evil? Cite specific examples used by Adams. 1 2 Conclusion Propaganda73-75, 130 They came to view it as the best war ever because of propaganda and businesses that sold their products by using the war and because it was causing the economy in America to flourish Good Good and bad Good or necessary evil Rosie the riveter Pg 70 not as many people were out there doing their part as thought War machine 71 production we did not deal with modern fired power, rarely bombed or burned 73 civilians were ignorant of wars reality bottom of 73 is great to sell products, business played on the war being successfula 74 you are the first line of defense and 215
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79 234-35 contrary to popular belief top of 82 for actual conditions 84 Denise Toledo The Best War Ever Bowen/Kent Spring 2011 C. C. Adams’ The Best War Ever takes the reader into the lives of World War II veterans while also allowing us to see the civilian perspective as well. The two views are enormously contrasting and Adams works to explain why this is so. Veterans of the war are, still to this day, scarred from the horrific events and conditions of the war. Yet,
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