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dicoveringthenewworld - American population and reinforced...

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Denise Toledo AMH2010 Weekly Assignment This week we discussed the Europeans’ travel to America and what they encountered when they arrived. Major themes discussed include disease and farming. Not only are these major themes, but they are also related to each other in various ways. When traveling to the New World, Europeans faced scurvy on the boat. This was the cause of many deaths. Once the boat’s passengers made landfall, they were also confronted with contaminated drinking water. Aside from the obvious occurrence of salt poisoning, the travelers also contracted dysentery. The Europeans were also affected by Typhoid. These diseases made farming all the more difficult. We also can discuss how the Europeans introduced diseases to the natives. Of these diseases, we concentrate mostly on small pox, whooping cough, and measles. These killed 95% of the Native
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Unformatted text preview: American population and reinforced the Europeans’ ethnocentrism. In relation to farming, disease was not the only reason for the Europeans lack of farming capabilities. We also have to take into account their ignorance and arrogance. The travelers that made it to America were there for business reasons. This means that the people who had made it were higher in class status. Take, for example, the jewelers, soldiers, and merchants who were told only to busy themselves with the work that would make them money. We know that the land was fertile because of the accounts of passing sailors and due to the fact that the natives’ crops flourished. Thus, because of their disease they were irritable and lethargic; Because of their class status, they did not know how to farm nor would they “degrade” themselves by attempting to learn. Death was soon to follow....
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dicoveringthenewworld - American population and reinforced...

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