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Movies: Chapter 7 • The inventors/pioneers of motion picture Muybridge and Goodwin • The first movie theaters? Nickelodeons Paris café 1895 • The significance of early silent films During the silent era were historical and religious epics including Napoleon, Ben-Hur, and the Ten Commandments Also produced pioneering social dramas, mysteries, comedies, horror films, science fiction films, war films, crime dramas, westerns, and spy films, Introduced numerous technical innovations, established Hollywood star system, and cemented the reputation of movies as a viable art form, when previously they had been seen as novelty entertainment. • Three basic divisions of the film industry (Zukor) production, distribution, exhibition • Three components of the Hollywood style narratives, genre, “authors” • The trends outside the Hollywood mainstream foreign films, documentaries, independent films • The factors that ended the Studio system 233-236 • All-time Box Office No. 1? Titanic Newspapers: Chapter 8 • Main purpose historically? investigation now its for that, information and entertainment • Ben Harris and Publick Occurances. Negative tone regarding british rule and gossip • Ben Franklin and his Penn Gazette colonial paper that made money off advertisments • The contributions of partisan press- pushed he plan of a particular political group and penny papers- made papers cheaper and sold individually on the street
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mmcexam2 - Movies: Chapter 7 The inventors/pioneers of...

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