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Matt Serna Mr. Mckenzie Personal Finance November 15, 2010 Credit Report First off I have to say, that this is not my credit score. This is Carly Serna’s credit score. She is my sister and she is my roommate. I wasn’t able to receive a credit score because I didn’t have enough credit to actually make a credit report, because I’m still building my line of credit. So my sister gave me her permission to use her credit report. For the credit report assignment I chose to use to company EQUIFAX. While in the process of receiving the credit score, they asked me questions such as: Name, current address, previous address, and Social Security Number. There were no errors in the credit report. Your credit report is a very important information that you really want to take care of a make sure that you keep an up to date, sufficient report. It is so important because
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Unformatted text preview: this report can ultimately decide whether or not you get that dream car you’ve always wanted, or getting that house that you’ve wanted for your family. With a poor credit report you are at a strong disadvantage. You should really take sometime once or twice a month and take a moment to check your credit report to make sure it is accurate. Many companies will access your credit report such as credit card companies, and companies that give out loans, because if they see it’s a poor credit report then that makes them think twice about giving you that loan or credit card. Companies are looking for bills on time; they are looking to see if you have a good track record when paying bills....
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