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Personal Finance September 14

Personal Finance September 14 - Amount accident Property...

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Personal Finance September 14, 2010 Notes A deductible is the amount that you have to pay before the insurance kicks in Co – Pay – Amount you pay at the time of service Be aware of what you are being covered for Costs for different plans Weigh o How often do I use medical services? o What type of services o What is my financial situation Stay Healthy Aware of policy procedures Billing – stay on top of it Know who is covered Negotiate before Disability o Income replacement in the event you cant work Long term care insurance Homeowners o Event of hazard against home 2 sections of homeowners o Property Coverage Dwelling Other Structures Personal property Loss of Use o Personal Liability Injury of others on property Medical expenses o Keep a detailed inventory o Auto Insurance Liability Medical expenses Insured motorist Comprehensive/ collision/ damage to your vehicle Bodily injury
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Unformatted text preview: Amount/ accident Property damage o Determines Auto Insurance Cost Type of Car How is the car used Driver characteristics Driving record Where you live Discounts Credit score o Lender requirements Comparison shop Less Claims Discounts Buy your car with insurance in mind Improve your driving record Raise the deductibles October 5, 2010 Notes • Chapter 7 Consumer Loans o Single Payment loans o Installment Loans – Series of payments o Loans can be secured or unsecured, Secured loans have collateral, unsecured does not have collateral o Loans can be a fixed rate or a variable rate o Rates fluctuate with the economy • Home Equity Loan (second mortgage) o Installment o HELOC – Home equity line of credit o Advantages – Lower Int Costs o LOC option provides flexibility o Tax deductions o...
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