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CINEMA VERITÉ AND FRENCH NEW WAVE AND THE AUTEUR TRUTH: Cinema Verité: French for “CINEMA TRUTH” The Cinema Verité movement came about in the late 1950‘s and 1960‘s in France and in Canada before spreading into the U. S. and other parts of the world. Inspired by Italian Neorealism, Cinema Verité is related to the Russian Kino Prava “cinema truth” and the movement spread into the U. S. and other parts of the world. Cinema Verité insists on filming real objects, people and events in a confrontational way. CHARACTERISTICS: LIGHT WEIGHT CAMERAS: Filmmaker, Jean Rouch created images with a jerky immediacy to suggest participation and absorption in the filming. Cinema Verité draws attention to the subjective perspective of the camera’s rhetorical position – provoking confessions from those being filmed. The American version of Cinema Verite was referred to as DIRECT CINEMA and is more observational and less confrontational.
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Cinema_Verite,_French_New_Wave_and_the_Auteur - CINEMA...

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