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Writing Assignment #3: Documentary Essay For this assignment you may choose from the documentary ±lms that we have viewed in the class. The assignment essay deals with the Documentary Tradition and will look at the success or failure of the documentary ±lm you have chosen to examine, and what you believe are the causes for the ±lms success or failure. This is a 2 - 3 page paper (full pages) that should include at least 2 outside sources and a MLA style Bibliography (Works Cited Sheet). Documentaries are often concerned with different categories and strategies. Please note attached handouts on categories and strategies before writing your paper. You will determine the category the ±lm you have chosen falls into, what strategies the ±lmmaker utilizes, and whether the material the ±lmmaker presents re²ects his perspective. Documentarians often have an agenda and challenge us to examine our ideologies, political views and cultural phenomena. You might ask what methods does the
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Unformatted text preview: ±lmmaker use. For example, Moore uses personal interactive interviews, he utilizes clips and footage (in Sicko, Dr. Pena ! s testimony in court as proof and evidence to support the health care issues and problems with the industry that his interviews are revealing). He uses data, facts, ±lm and audio tapes to explain the history of our health care industry. Some suggestions that might prove helpful. 1) Evaluate the ±lm as a cultural artifact. How complete a picture of the values and cultural phenomena do they re²ect? Are they good commentaries on what is taking place historically in the culture? 2) Are we challenged to examine cultural phenomena conventions and mores, ideologies, institutions, and the political views that are different than our traditional way of viewing that culture? 3) Do the ±lms promote harmony and understanding of diverse cultures and create respect for human dignity? 4) Does the ±lm challenge the way we traditionally view our world?...
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