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Matt Serna Anita Davis December 7, 2010 Intro to Film Final 1. Ok so the scene I chose to discuss was the scene in The Departed, when Leonardo Dicaprio is in the pub and he orders a cranberry juice, and ends up meeting Mr. French. I really liked this scene in the pub, because for some reason it relates with the strong Irish culture so well with the mood and the setting. The strong accents also really help to set the mood in the pub. Overall in these scene the acting is what got me, Mise – en – scene in means, what is in it, translated to English, and in this scene its not Leonardo Dicaprio, its Billy Costigan, they make it look real. 2. So the basic only thing I know about voice overs and that it is used heavily
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Unformatted text preview: in animated feature films. The actor stands in front of a mic and reads off a script and then it is matched up with the animated characters lips. But the other use of Voice over I know of is when a scene is playing out, and you hear someones voice, but you don’t see the person. 3. There are many things that affected Italian Neorealism. When these movies were actually being filmed, there were a lot of factors that made it very difficult to actually make a movie. Some were that they had little to no budget, non professional actors, and very poor technology....
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