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M - I also really like how they gave the murderer his own...

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Matt Serna Ms. Anita Davis Intro to Film November 29, 2010 M So this was definitely not one of my favorite movies, it wasn’t because of bad acting or anything or poor quality, it was mainly because of the length and how long it dragged on. I think that I would have liked it so much more if the director had made it a little but shorter and if he didn’t make so many scenes silent. But it was the classic murder story. One other thing I think that would’ve made it better would be if there had been a main character. Since there was no main character it was a lot harder to focus on more than one person, while my brain is trying to out together who the main character is. Actually after watching the film it seemed to me that the main character was the murder himself. My favorite scene was when the guy found the murderer and he places the “M” on his shoulder, I thought for sure he was going to be caught right then and there.
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Unformatted text preview: I also really like how they gave the murderer his own theme so that we can identify him better. His theme was his whistle, but that whistle was his downfall when the blind guy recognized him. But this movie was a lot more than all that, it was the first movie to really show how the public took matters into their own hands. In the end when the public trapped him in that basement room really demonstrated how sometimes society has to do things their selves. And this is true for our society today I think, because we rely too much on our government, a government that doesn’t look out for our best interest. So this sounds true for us today to really take matters into our own hands and take control of our own future and stand up and let our names be heard. Overall is give this movie a B-....
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