OutForthKingdom - and were a miracle from God. But if this...

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Matt Serna Ms. Davis Intro to Film November 15, 2010 Out For the Kingdom So this documentary was a little confusing to me, I wasn’t a 100% sure what side of the argument it was trying to push. But I looked into it a bit more and I pulled out as much as I could from this documentary. It talked about gays in the Mormon Church, from my view this documentary was in support of gays, for gays rights and to treat gays like normal people in the Mormon Church, because right now the church doesn’t allow gays in the church. Ok so I wanted to say my opinion in class last Tuesday but I was too shy to actually talk, so I’m taking this opportunity to say it. So I am Catholic, born and raised. And the Catholic Church does not approve of homosexuality. I am a pretty active Catholic but I absolutely do not agree with the Catholics standpoint. I view it this way, so they say that abortions are bad and we shouldn’t have them (which I agree 100%). They say that every baby is loved
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Unformatted text preview: and were a miracle from God. But if this baby turns out to be gay (Assuming that its genetic) then its out of the control of the child so, therefore God no longer loves this child due to something that he/she cannot control. That just does not make sense to me at all. I believe that a homosexual should be treated like any other person and that religion shouldn’t come into play with this and that the state should control this issue. So I did enjoy his film, because it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks the way he does. That homosexual are just as important as you and me. As far as movies go, and mis en scene, this was a great example of excellent editing, with multiple things going on at once, and scenes/audio overlapping. I liked the editing in this documentary. On a grade scale I would give this movie a B+....
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OutForthKingdom - and were a miracle from God. But if this...

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