RevolutionaryRoad - yard has a statue the neighbors will get a statue its just such a surreal like that some people live in and these people are

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Matt Serna Ms. Anita Davis Intro to Film November 29, 2010 Revolutionary Road Well this was the second time that I have seen this movie, and the acting in this movie has astounded me once again. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are have such chemistry and they are such a good pair together that if you didn’t know they were acting, you could mistake them for a real couple. But the part that really caught my eye was how real the movie felt to me. And how true the message was about our society. About how we are sucked into this unrealistic setting where everything is always happy and perfect and people are unhappy but they don’t say anything because they afraid of what people will think if they tell the truth. But this story was mainly about how hard it truly was to escape this life. In our society today this does not exist as much, but you can find it. In such neighborhoods in the wealthier areas, where people try to keep up with each other. If one
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Unformatted text preview: yard has a statue, the neighbors will get a statue, its just such a surreal like that some people live in, and these people are just so scared of change and scared of what people will think of them. One other thing that really got my attention was the score of the movie, I thought it was just beautiful. So now that I saw this movie, I think I should go see American Beauty, I have never seen America Beauty but after hearing that they are very similar I would really like to see it. This movie is based off the American Dream, to have children, to have a nice house, to have the husband work and the wife stay at home. And its impossible to escape this dream, its ironic how the one “insane” guy is the only one who sees the hopelessness, so in a way he’s actually sane and everyone else is actually insane. I give this movie an A+....
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