The Departed - “Unforgiving” But I would like to focus...

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Matt Serna Ms. Anita Davis Introduction to Film October 17, 2010 The Departed There are many different ways that you can describe Martin Scorsese. To name just a few: Genius, Artist, or Legend. He is among the elite film directors in the world and in 2006, Scorsese set his legacy in stone with his film , The Departed . Boston is a city rich in culture, and an accent that is unforgettable. I believe that Scorsese used this to his advantage. I really enjoy all of his films they are among my favorite. While watching this movie I was able to absorb the directors message he was trying to get through. The message that I received from this film was our nation as a whole and the corruption within it, and there is always a rat in the system. I want to cite a specific scene that really stood out to me. The opening scene that shows footage from the streets of Boston in what looks like the 70’s, this scene did a real good job of showing to the audience what Boston is like, the one word that popped up in my head was
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Unformatted text preview: “Unforgiving”. But I would like to focus on the acting in this movie and how impressive it is. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon are great actors, but I don’t want to talk about them, we all know they are great actors, but Ray Winstone, who played Mr. French, was an outstanding actor. The scene where Billy Costigan meets Mr. French was great acting. Now one thing that I noticed about Scorsese’s work is that he likes to end the movie with something that is almost of a punch line, something that just ties the whole movie together. Take the movie Shutter Island for example, he ended it so that your not left with questions about who, why, or how. And at the end of The Departed is where everything comes full circle and all the rats are reveled, then at the last scene (after Colin Sullivan is shot) the camera zooms in on the capital building, and a rat is crawling across the railing....
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The Departed - “Unforgiving” But I would like to focus...

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