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TheBicycleThief - finding the person that stole his bike...

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Matt Serna Ms.Davis Intro to Film November 14, 2010 The Bicycle Thief So The Bicycle Thief was a enjoyable movie, it was a little slow for me but I did enjoy it. I want to first say that the acting in this movie was very impressive. Especially Bruno Ricci, he is a very little kid in this movie and I was very impressed by his acting. When he first gets this bike that he has to have for a job, you can see that he has a smile on his face and that things are starting to look up for him and his family. Since this takes place in post-war Europe. Once his bike gets stolen though he is right back where he started. So he is determined through out the whole movie to find this bike that was stolen from him. So while he is in the process of finding his bike he is slowing turning into a thief himself. He searches everywhere for his bike and comes up with nothing. He ends up
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Unformatted text preview: finding the person that stole his bike and no one believe him that he actually stole the bike. So this is a story about not always getting what you want, but still being thankful for what you have. At the end when he attempts to steal the bike and people bring him down before he can get away, he almost gets thrown into jail but the people have pity on him and let him go, this is when Ricci knows that he has become the one thing he hates the most, a thief. But I think that the point that the director was trying to get by was that you should look at what you do have and be thankful for what you do have and not looking at what you don’t have. Overall I thought this was a great movie and I would definitely watch it again, on a grade scale I would give this movie a B....
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