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law study guide - Chapter 3 Review Questions 1 According to...

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Chapter 3 Review Questions 1. According to the common law, to whom can a hotel refuse to provide accommodations? - 2. Why did Congress pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (the "Act")? - to end discrimination in hospitality facilities open to the public, thereby reducing the unfairness and humiliation of racial bigotry as well as eliminating the difficulty and inconvenience discrimination created for blacks who wished to dine out or travel. 3. Who is protected by the Act? - race, color, religion, national origin 4. What facilities are covered by the Act? - hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment, and gas stations 5. What is the interstate commerce and why is it relevant to the Act? - Business transactions between people or companies from 2 or more states. To be illegal under the Act, the discrimination must occur in 1 of 4 types of establishments, and then only if the facility is engaged in interstate commerce. 6. What remedies (solutions) are available to a plaintiff suing for for a violation of the Act? 1. injunctive relief- a court order that requires a defendant to refrain from doing a particular act. 2. reasonable attorney's fees charged by the attorney for a successful plaintiff. --- money is not recoverable as a remedy under the Act. however, a mistreated plaintiff may qualify for monetary remedies under other administration laws. 7.
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law study guide - Chapter 3 Review Questions 1 According to...

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