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Legal Issues Final Exam Study Guide - Legal Issues Final...

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Legal Issues Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 7 Not all people wualifies as a guest legally. A hotel owes to invitees a duty to act reasonably, and a lesser dty to licensees and trespassers….an invitee is a guest Who Qualifies as a Guest? A person visiting an inn to qualify as a guest the visit must be for the primary purpose of renting a room suitable for overnight stay. Anyone who tegisters for a room is a guest. People who go to a hotel to pay social calls upon the guests are also treated legally as guests….any other reasons they are not a guest. Case 7-1…a man was at a hotel restaurant and thought he was treated wrongfully and was embarrassed…he sued for punitive damages-suing for more than compensatory damages to punish the defendant for their wrongdoing…because the man was a guest of the restaurant and not the hotel they ruled for the defendant…he was treated as just at a restaurant not a hotel… Intent of Parties A person going to a hotel that is planning to stay overnight is considered a guest even if the room was not registered yet. To dertermine wherether the parties have formulated an intention to enter the contract or decided to stay at the hotel depends on certain evidence. A request for a room or an advance reservation is sufficient to evidence for the patron to become a guest and if the innkeeper indicates a willingness to register the traveler and provide a room is sufficient evidence of intent on the innkeepers part to form an innkeeper guest relationship. An issue arises when registration has not occurred or is incomplete. --Registration— Registration is not essential for the innkeeper-guest relationship to exist. Case 7-2…two men go to a hotel with two girls….one man goes and registers for two rooms and signs his name to the registration card…he puts down that 4 men would be occupying the rooms…it was never told that two girls were going to be staying with
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them yet, the innkeeper supposedly saw the two girls in the car with the men “knowing” and “assuming” that they would be the other two guests and having to take responsibility…one of the girls was severely burned and they wre trying to figure out if the innkeeper was liable. .but he would only be liable if the girl was a guest…the intention of the young lady to become a guest in the legal sense is apparent…the question is whether or not she was intentionally or knowingly received as sugh by the innkeeper. A person many not impose himself upon the inkkeeper and become a guest without the inkkeepers knowledge or intention to reveive that person. One becomes a guest only if he is received to be treated as a guest and the intention to become such must be communicated to the innkeeper or his agent….a guest of the registered occupant of a room at a hotel, who shares such a room with its occupant without the knowledge or consent of the hotel management would not be a guest of the hotel and there would be no contractual relations in such case between such third person and the
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Legal Issues Final Exam Study Guide - Legal Issues Final...

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