Chp 1 & 3 review - alcoholic beverages:...

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1 Chapter 1 and 3 - Review 1. ____________is paying for an item or service. 2. The hospitality industry includes 3 major segments: Commercial, Military, and _________________. Which one is profit oriented?__________________ Give 3 examples of commercial operations: ______________, ______________, ___________ 3. Name 2 kinds of economic values that may be added to products that increase the cost: ____________________, ______________________ Which is the most misunderstood and controversial? ______________ Which is the most expensive?________________ 4. When the state itself is the only purveyor of alcoholic beverages, it is called a ______________ state. Is Mississippi ____________? 5. Name the 3 major sources for the distribution system of
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Unformatted text preview: alcoholic beverages: ______________, _____________, _____________________. 6. _________________ is choosing from among various alternatives on a number of different levels. 7. What law prohibits alcohol distributors from becoming sources or retailers _______________________? 8. Name 2 types of dealers in the distribution system for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment: ______________________,___________________ 9. Who would you hire to help with the layout , floor plan, and ordering FFE for a new hospitality operation? _______________________ 10. ___________________ is the orderly, systematic exchange between a buyer and a seller....
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Chp 1 & 3 review - alcoholic beverages:...

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