Procurement NFMS Project - NHM 363 Procurement NFSMI...

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NHM 363 – Procurement NFSMI Scavenger Hunt Spring 2011
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NHM 363 Spring 2011 Fueling the School-Aged Athlete - Weight Management The purpose of this training material is to endorse healthy weight management guidelines among school-aged athletes. For athletes, body weight and body composition can be a significant dynamic to their skill level in many sports, but sports shouldn't revolve around these factors. The material outlines nutritional practices in promotion for the normal growth, development, and food intake that young athletes need. Healthy weight management is accomplished by educating the athletes that they have different growth rates in weight and height, and then establish a manageable weight to their unique composition. Young athletes can determine this information with help from experts such as a Registered Dietician. The article includes a fact sheet listing guidelines for young athletes to follow. The general guidelines to follow include lose excess body fat, gain muscle, staying away from unhealthy practices caused by comments from coaches, and how to control young athletes from reaching unhealthy weight loss and gain. This material is
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Procurement NFMS Project - NHM 363 Procurement NFSMI...

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