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Sociology Presentation of self - Sociology 101 Final...

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Sociology 101 Final Reflection Paper Presentation of Self Erving Goffman’s “ Presentation of Self “ forms a basic concept that we are who we are because of social interactions, and this is based on ideas such as impression management, front and back stage behavior, and performance according to a specific social surrounding. As far as I’m concerned, presentation of self is apparent in every Greek rush system on the planet. When I think of the word “rush” I want to get on the next flight to Alaska. There is nothing more pain staking than enduring four consecutive days of screaming, jumping, sweating, catty-ness, blatantly fake personalities, forced conversations, and three hours of sleep—if you’re lucky. Last September marked my third participating year in rush. As you can imagine, I am very familiar with both brutal sides of the recruitment process where I have become extremely aware of the masks people wear to fit into their social surroundings. Yet I too, along with 900 other girls, put a mask on and performed to give off a desired impression of myself during this unique social interaction. Presentation of self is motivated by our personal goals, a favorable view of ourselves to others, and conforming to norms, and the recruitment process could not be a better example of this. Before the actual process even begins, you are preparing for it for nearly a year. As soon as you are accepted into college rush has started, informally, yet formally enough to get you cut from a sorority. The first impression active members will have of you, if you aren’t living under a rock, is your Facebook page. Your looks, clothes, activities, wall-posts, “tagged photos”, are scrutinized by 200 sorority girls, and these have the possibility to come off in a negative light, therefore you must create an favorable impression of yourself. In order to manage this first impression, where not much performance was involved, I had to make sure all of my photos, wall posts, and anything on my profile was appropriate and created the desired impression I wanted because this was the only means by which they could make an evaluation of who I was. Once I arrived at Ole Miss I needed to determine how I was going to perform to fit into the social situation of “rush”. Obviously, like everybody else I wanted to be seen as an intelligent, friendly, approachable girl with a good reputation. I remember hearing unofficial rules that rushees would need to abide by before going through recruitment
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Sociology Presentation of self - Sociology 101 Final...

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