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NHM 363 Purchasing Spring Semester 2011 Guidelines for Software Assignment Class Presentation 1) You do not need to dress-up. Just wear what you normally wear to class. 2) 5 minutes for your presentation. All group members should present. 3) Try to limit your slides to 5 or 6. Your presentation should highlight your software program. 4) I am discouraging you from linking to your software’s website during your presentation because of the amount of time it may take. 5) Every group member will turn in a folder (three hole punch type folder) with their questions/answers typed, supporting documents from your software investigation, and your power points (6 slides per page, black and white).
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Unformatted text preview: 6) I am recommending your last slide be pros and cons of the software. 7) Any question you cannot answer/find from the web page you will need to make the effort to email their company’s customer service. So you can get credit for question you could not answer (because maybe the customer service did not respond) then submit the email you sent and you will get credit for trying. 8) If you have any additional questions PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me. It’s always important to me that you not only do well on assignments but learn and understand the information....
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