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Distributors useWeb Entry system Software to build consumer databases GPS: Delivery routes, which streets, highway construction Logistical software: down time, time to deliver x, number of boxes, ect. A GPS system helps with what?—delivery routes, which street to use, highway  construction, etc. Logistical Software helps with what?—down time, time to deliver x, numver of boxes,  etc. Buyers use—Fax Machines, Personal Computers, Bar code Readers Fax Machines:—1980's - decreased risk of mistakes from verbal orders Personal Computers:—Excel, Access, Spreadsheets and databases help to keep better  records Bar Code Readers:—linked directly to ordering/inventory Point of Sales—POS POS—Technology to document sales; what consumers buy and with what for of  payment, etc Technology—ordering online (inventory tracking and stoarge management), emails,  internet/web pages, newsgroups/mailing lists, google, facebook/twitter
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2011 for the course FCS 363 taught by Professor D during the Spring '11 term at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

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test2 - DistributorsuseWebEntrysystem...

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