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Get an answer from tutors to this homework question now: 1. The text discusses several methods of studying human behavior. These include the case study, naturalistic observation, correlational research, survey research, and the experimental method. If you were going to design a study investigating the relationship between alcohol and violence, which of these methods would you choose and why? What would be the relative strengths and weaknesses of this study? What ethical considerations must be taken into account while undertaking this study? 2. What is the difference between negative and positive reinforcement? Describe two situations: one in which you have been positively reinforced; and one in which you have been negatively reinforced. Be sure to identify the reinforcement and the target behaviors in your examples and discuss how you were reinforced. Include any shaping that occurred due to these reinforcements. What ethical considerations
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Unformatted text preview: must be taken into account while undertaking this approach? 3. Which theory of psychological thought fits with your own thinking about psychology? Going back to Chapter 1, review the theories and discuss in detail how one or more theories help you to understand the roots of psychology. What have you learned about this theory or theories and how do they apply to your understanding of psychology? 4. Psychological disorders and their treatment are a fascinating area to study. Imagine you are now the counselor working with your first client who suffers with a severe anxiety disorder. Describe how you will identify the disorder through symptoms. What type of treatment will you use to help this person? Remember you can use a number of different treatment approaches....
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