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Assignment7_S110 (1)

Assignment7_S110 (1) - planning horizon(October No shortage...

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IE383 Assignment 7 Due Date: Monday, March 7, 2010 BEFORE class Problem 1 The forecasted demands for the next 10 months are given below. Month Demand Working Days Jan 12,000 20 Feb 14,000 22 March 13,000 21 April 15,000 22 May 12,000 23 Jun 18,000 20 July 21,000 21 August 16,000 22 September 14,000 21 Oct 20,000 22 Hiring 300 $ per person Firing 500 $ per person Overtime 25 $ per unit Regular Production 20 $ per unit Subcontract 22 $ per unit Inventory 5 $ per unit per month There are currently 60 workers employed regularly for 8 hours/day. Maximum overtime allowed is 2 hours per day per person. The start month of planning horizon is January. According to data last December, 50 workers assembled approximately 6000 finished goods with no over time, no idle time and no subcontract within 24 working days. The ending inventory last December is 1,200 units and the company wants to have 1500 units inventory at the end of the
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Unformatted text preview: planning horizon (October). No shortage is allowed for each month. Formulate the problem as an LP for the following objectives: a.) Find the workforce level for each month that minimizes total cost with no idle time. b.) Find the constant workforce level that minimizes total cost with no overtime, no idle time and no subcontract. c.) Minimize the total cost of production with a fixed workforce of 90 for the planning horizon with no overtime and no idle time. Subcontract is optional and there is no limit on the amount of subcontract units. d.) Find the workforce level for each month that minimizes total cost with no idle time. Subcontracting is allowed for only three months out of ten. Extra credit of 10 points if you solve this using GAMS or CPLEX....
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