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IE 383 Assignment 11 Due April 19, Monday The table below indicates the steps, precedence and processing time to assemble VV26. As an Industrial Engineer, you are required to design a line that produces 125 VV26 in a 40 hours shift. Using the given information and the method we learned in class determine the following: a) Draw the precedence diagram.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Draw your balanced line with tasks and their processing times. c) The line’s cycle time. d) The corresponding lead time/flow time (time for producing one finish product from scratch). e) The line’s balance delay. Work element Precedence Time (min) A-8 B A 5 C-6 D B,C 10 E D 2 F-4 G-5 H F,E,G 7 I H 2 J H 9 K I,J 3...
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