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abstract - the presence of outliers Once all possible...

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This report was a data analysis of GPS coordinates taken in four separate locations by forty eight separate groups of students. The Geodetic Coordinates were measured using hand held GPS devices and then compiled into a spreadsheet, broken down into the separate points which were then further broken down into separate categories including Latitude, Longitude and accuracy estimation. From each of these three categories data blocks were created that consisted of Average, Min, Max, Range and standard deviation values. The standard deviation value was used to judge the accuracy of each data set and help determine
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Unformatted text preview: the presence of outliers. Once all possible outliers were determined, giving an acceptable data set the a histogram was prepared and graphed using one tenth intervals over a 2 second range in which the average value for latitude and longitude fell for each point. These histograms show a normal distribution of the measurements for the latitude and longitude of each point. Also a map is prepared to show a visual distribution of the points....
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