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` Title of the Review of Literature Paper Firstname Lastname, Affiliation Abstract : Type the abstract here. This section of the paper should be single-spaced. Take a look at what you submitted for the presentation as you may be able to use it, but be sure to check it to make sure it matches the paper. Single-space this section. Keywords : list three or four keywords that enable an interested reader to find your paper and determine if he or she would find it useful. Introduction The paper itself should be typed double-space or space-and-a-half, and you should use at least one level of headings to set off the main sections. The introduction need not be particularly long but should give the reader some sense of the context for the development of the technology. Do not put any additional spaces between paragraphs, but do add extra spaces between sections. A review of literature is a formal piece of writing, so do avoid using personal pronouns (e.g. “I” or “you”) and contractions (write out “do not” rather than using “don’t”). Major Heading
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