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Paper_general directions

Paper_general directions - ReviewofLiterature Paper...

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Review of Literature Paper G ENERAL  D IRECTIONS Your paper should follow the conventions of writing for other professionals (so it should resemble the articles that you found doing research), and it should include the following elements: Title, author (your name), and author’s affiliation (e.g. Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University). This information should be centered at the top of the first page. The title should be quite specific; rather than just identifying the topic try to say something more about it. Abstract (may be the same as the one you used in your annotated bibliography—or which may be slightly revised). Abstracts are single-spaced. List of keywords (3-4). What words would be most useful to someone who might search for additional information on this subject? The Body of the Paper. The length of each section may vary (depending on the topic) and the order in which you choose to discuss them may vary. Use headings to introduce major sections of the text. Once you begin writing the paper itself, you should (a) indent the first line of each paragraph, and (b) either double-space all lines or at least use one-and-a-half spaces between the lines.
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