Production Quantity Requirements 19-00

Production Quantity Requirements 19-00 - P roduction...

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Production Quantity Requirements Production Demand Top-Down Analysis Typically the types of the customers would be manufacturer of other products such as: 1. Trucking and mobile 2. General Industry 3. Agriculture 4. Packaging 5. The following numbers of each type of group can be figure out: Type of Industry North Dakota Minnesota Trucking and mobile 1990 11188 General Industry 17224 120777 Agriculture 32000 81000 Packaging 67 432 478 3591 Relevant group and organization There are several organizations and departments of government in the involved with the production and marketing: North Dakota Department of Commerce Minnesota Department of Commerce American Marketing Association Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) National Association of Manufacturers
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International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Geographic regionality If we decide to establish the production line in Fargo, there are following advantages: 1. Close to Minneapolis, the biggest city in the north part of America
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Production Quantity Requirements 19-00 - P roduction...

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