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“Killing Us Softly 4”-advertisement that turned women’s body to object, things, and some focusing on just certain parts of body. Turning person into thing is first step into justifying violence because it dehumanizes them. Body language of women show them as passive and vulnerable. Some men are also objectified, but not so much as women. Most men are portrayed as strong and big. Even little boys are portrayed as having more dignity. Media shows young girls as sexualized object. Girls that see sexualized ads are more prone to depression, eating disorder, and low self-esteem. “The Pill” shows Puerto Rico women being tested with pill without knowing the long-term effects, some people died, some suffered from long term side effects. Violence of being forced into life they didn’t
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Unformatted text preview: choose. Not having control over the number of child they bore, being pregnant for few decades. Perspectives: reflection theory-that media reflects the values of general population. Images in the media are seen as representing dominant ideals within the population, and because the capitalistic structure of the media would want to appeal to the largest consumer audience. Corporate theory-interest of sponsors to foster images that are consistent with the products they sell. Those who control economic production also control the manufacture and dissemination of ideas such as by advertisements. For example, to sell food product, ads could portray women cooking meal for the family, which instills the value of women as household caretaker....
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