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WST5 - of 5 violence cases in which 4 of them were women...

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Egalitarian-men and women are relatively equal in assertiveness and personal rights, and there is no formal systems of rank or authority. 5 Societal factor that encourage egalitarianism: 1 st : Both men and women are socialized to be confident and assertive. 2 nd : Unmarried young people have equal rights to control their own sexual behavior. 3 rd : Women choose their own marriage partners and can divorce at will. 4 th : Women are central to the isand’s matrilineal kinship system and are considered to be “owner of garden,” controlling the distribution of important food. 5 th : The gender-blind title of Gia. Both men and women can earn the status of Gia, which literally means “giver” or big women/men. One can become Gia by accumulating goods and then giving them away at ritual feast . In Vanatinai, violence was looked down upon, and was rare. In fact, it is so rare that the author only heard
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Unformatted text preview: of 5 violence cases, in which 4 of them were women aggressor. People believed in magic and witchcraft, and when one inflicts physical violence on another, they believed and feared that they will be retaliated by supernatural force, so they did not like violence. Cross-cultural findings show that more tolerance for violence there are, the more prevalence of violence against women. Also, gender based economic inequality along with general propensity toward violent conflict or resolution are key factors of widespread violence against wives. The rarity or absence of violence against women suggests high female autonomy or the absence of a male supremacist complex, which we see in Vanatinai. Thus, these 5 factors fit the cross cultural findings about women’s status, that women in Vanatiani has equal standing as men....
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