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. Ethnic group is any group of people, or so called minority group, who define themselves as a group by reference to claims of common descent, language, religion, or race. 3 ways of thinking about ethinicity: 1. Primordialist theories assert that ethnic identities are based on deep primordial attachments to a group or culture. Common descent and blood from thousands of years. 2. Instrumentalist treat ethnicity as a tool by leaders and sometimes outsiders so that ethnicity becomes a political instrument exploited by leaders and others out for their own gain. Colonial oppression-force their idea onto others.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Constructivists emphasize the contingency (without intent, by chance) and the fluidity of ethnic identity, treating it as something which is made in specific social and historical contexts rather than treating it as a given. Ethnicity is seen as situational and structurally sustained and is in a constant state of deconstruction, construction and reconstruction. This process occurs in everyday interaction between peoples who are newcomers and those who have lived in an established region for a while; ongoing and dynamic system. Not fixed. Dominant way-Constructivist-society is constantly changing...
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