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1. Race is a shifting set of social meanings that signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodies. 3 basic understandings of race theory are: 1. Race is not self-evident . A. Race is not a pure biological condition . Racial groups have intermarried for hundreds of years or practiced what used to be called “race mixing” even when women were raped systematically, African slave women were by slave owners and Native women were by the Spanish soldiers. There is always significant biophysical variation. Therefore, biophysical diversity has no inherent social meaning except what we humans confer upon it. B. The idea or the concept of race has not remained constant over time . The very categories of race themselves and the number of “races” are changing and will continue to change. The 1860 US census listed 3 races: black, white and mulatto. By 1900 this list changed to black, white, Chinese, Japanese and Indian.
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