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WST14 - leave 12 weeks unpaid 6 Contingent...

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1. Occupational segregation 2/3 are men or women. Separated by gender. Nurses, caretaking jobs, teachers, especially elementary and kindergarten, receptionist, in-house caregiver, maid, childcare, librarian. When men does women’s job, the job was given a different name and was paid more. 2. The glass ceiling commission- invisible but real barriers that restrict women and people of color from advancing in their occupation. Established during Bush senior administration. 3. Gender Stratification- Family as a political site. Attributed to the various roles carrying different degrees of power. Struggle between people with varying degrees of power. Unequal distributions of power mainly along the lines of power. 4. Affirmative action programs- policies that utilize goal and contracting to promote underrepresented and historically excluded groups, mainly women and non-whites. 5. Family and Medical Leave Act-law requiring employers to provide employees job-protected unpaid
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Unformatted text preview: leave. 12 weeks unpaid. 6. Contingent Workers-temporary employees, contract workers, and part-time workers. Reserve labor fore. 7. Compadrazgo-family system whereby those defined as kin have very strong connections to the family. ritual kinship ties that are initiated when individual female or male act as a godmother/father to a child, who is not their biological offspring. Based on recipirocal relationship, the more they rely on, the greater chance of success. 8. Equal Pay Act-1st federal legislation enacted requiring equal pay for equal work; forbid discrimination on the basis of sex. 9. Act of 1662-chidlren of black women had to take a status of mother regardless of the status of father. 10. Kin work- Managing, cooking overseeing, and planning family get-togethers. Commonly done by women....
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