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1. Propaganda assumes as if women were not in labor force before the war. 2. Said the work was safe, but it wasn’t, some killed. Outlet for unemployed housewives.They have already been working. 3. Claim that there was nice childcare centers, but none in reality. 4. Women in propaganda were white, not black. Misrepresented. Women of color. 5. Propaganda made it seems like they were happy to leave the work after the war. Why? Men came back to get the high paying jobs. Idea that women was reserved labor force, to be manipulated. 4. Centerwoman/centerperson – leading from the center. 1. centers of family, family was usually 3
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Unformatted text preview: generation household, and helped settle debates between different generations. In the center of 3 generational household. 2. Appropriate and gentle, respect the leaders and elders. Reluctance to declare themselves are leaders. 3. Confident that work was central to their survival. 4. No hierachy, that all were equal and leader on their own. 5. Women who sustained workplace networks but who did not view themselves as leaders. Women activist saw themselves as organizers and the ones who maintained community networks but urged men to present the public face of political authority....
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