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wst22 - Colored people still faced job discrimination and...

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. Ideal of feminity is classed and race based. Cult of domesticity and true womenhood-Women were idolized as nurturing mothers, sexualy pure, moral guardians of family. Expected to submerge their wills to piety and be submissive to their husbands. Mainly only works in the elite and upper-middle class women. This was the effect of going from family based economy to waged based economy. Home is the only place for true women. Increased wealth that allowed women not to work outside their home. The growing separation of workplace and home. Working-class women worked in the industries too, but often with less wage than men.
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Unformatted text preview: Colored people still faced job discrimination and did menial jobs, which forced most black wives to work in the labor market too. Mexican women in the Southwest-before US conquest, Mexican families worked primarily as agricultural units, with women woking mainly in the home but contributing to the family-based production. After family-wage economy-employed in the expanding agricultural market, which often forced whole families to migrate to find seasonal labor. Also continued to work as domestics, mainly seravants, laundresses, cooks, dishwashers....
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