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wst23 - domestic worker Agricultural and as service workers...

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Native American women- labor pattern disrupted by US conquest. In general native American socities accorded great respect to women, even when there was a marked division of labor between men and women. After family-wage economy-after colonialization, inposed external institutions onto Native American societies. African American women worked on slave plantation. After family-wage economy-worked in
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Unformatted text preview: domestic worker. Agricultural and as service workers, jobs that were seasonal and low wage. Muitsai-identured servant girls/prostitutes(forced) that were brought to CA to service the men who were brought to work in the American capitalist projects, such as rail road project, mining. 4/6 did not make it out of their servanthood. No ideal of feminity bestowed on these women....
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  • Native Americans in the United States, family-wage economy-after colonialization, uitsai-identured servant girls/prostitutes

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