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wst24 - a status of mother regardless of the status of...

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Identured servants (white)-work for limited time, had some rights and could sue their masters. After the term of identure, women often became a planer’s wife. Patricularly because there was a shortage of women, indentured women experienced some liberty in making their choices. Slave family life- Black family were easily broken because they could be sold, killed, or raped. Shared oppression black men and women experienced fostered growth of non-blood relatives and formation of extended family groups, and more equality among men and women. chidlren of black women had to take
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Unformatted text preview: a status of mother regardless of the status of father. Mother had no right to their children. Rape became a weawpon of terrorism. Captured Africans were brought against their will. Originally indentured servants, but court decision transformed them into slave. Women often did same work as men. Working all day, unlike white women. Resisted slavery and tried to escape, often more men than women....
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